Understand How Love Spells Work

Love spells are among the first things that would come into mind when talking about spells. Those who are looking for a partner, hoping to make existing relationships strong and reconciling with the past relationships would often turn to love spells for help. Unfortunately, some would think that all it would take is a simple drink of potion or hypnosis to make a person fall in love. Love spells still relies on the deep and true feelings of a person.

There would be times when love spells would not work. Casters would often criticize the whole belief system and would say that spells, in general, never work. There are many factors why love spells would not work sometimes, it could be because of the true feelings. Is this what the caster really wanted? The will of the universe could also be a reason. It is still not time for such spell. There could also be other factors like the experience of the caster, focus and concentration, the right materials, and even picking out the right spell.


A common myth about love spells is that they can trick people into falling in love. This is not true. Love spells do not manipulate people into falling in love. Love spells intend to establish a connection between two people, a connection with their higher or spiritual self. They cannot be used to put one party under the power or control of the other. Love spell works when true and unconditional love is present. If this is not the true intent of the caster, the love spell would not work.

Love spells cannot make a relationship happen from air. It could form a relationship by working on the possibilities. Meaning, a prominent actor would not fall in love you especially if he doesn’t even know you. Love spells also do not work in a specific period of time. Some would take just a short time before the results are granted or some would take a while.

Different Spells

There are a lot of love spells which can be used by those who are interested to cast one. An example is the Wicca love spell. Some would say that this spell is just a simple one but very powerful. Wicca love spells require the caster to follow rules, separation from these rules would affect the effectiveness of the spell. Wicca love spell rules would include embracing love as a possibility, accepting love when it comes, and accepting the person as he/she is.

Egyptian spells are considered to be the oldest of the love spells. Egyptian love spell is strictly governed by the Rule of the Threefold, whatever harm done to other people would come back in threefold. They say that the Egyptian love spells are passed in secrecy. There are no published documents and that the most powerful spell is yet to be known. The mentioned are just some of the examples of love spells. Aside from them, there are also love spells based on the situation it would be used in.

Success Rate

If you are expecting something just like from the movies, then you are in for a disappointment. Love spells do not happen overnight nor they happen with such flare that it would include visual and sound effects. As mentioned, results of love spells would usually manifest in longer period of time, it could be weeks or months. Patience and faith would play a major factor in achieving success for your love spells.

Spells – Features And Characteristics

Like any endeavor, casting spells takes on different forms and styles, the number of which depends on the number of the casters themselves. Spells have specific formulas that must be recited or performed by the spell caster.

These spells are usually constructed from words, gestures, and ingredients. When a spell involves words, these words must be pronounced clearly, firmly, and emphatically. They cannot be whispered, but said in a conversational level.

Where gestures are needed, the gesture will require freedom of movement of arms, hands and fingers. Some specifically require further movements, sometimes.

The spells that require ingredients usually mean the destruction of these material ingredients. Most often, these ingredients used for any spell can only be used once.

The most common ingredients include hand-made or personalized candles for burning, incense, essential oils, silk cloths, some specific metals, special herbs, specific gemstones, crystals, and some powders.

Reverse spells

Some spells are cast in two forms – a normal form, and its reverse. Light may be cast in the form of Darkness. The reversed form usually requires different ingredients from the normal form.


Spells have durations, and are called “concentrations”. These are the spells that remain in force for as long as the caster maintains concentration on it. Most, however, have a limited duration that varies according the level of the spell itself. The spell caster does not have to concentrate to keep these spells in effect.

Depending on the gravity of the request, the rituals for spell casting can take a day, three days, a week or 14 days maximum. Some are done only at night, sometimes only at sunrise, and some only on a specific day or week or month.

Some can be performed only during the waning or waxing of the moon depending on the requirements.

Once the spell is cast, it will last according to its intended duration, and the spell caster can move on to other tasks. The caster can end any spell with a non-permanent duration.

Some spells, once cast, act immediately, and are done. Other spells are permanent. After the immediate action of the magic, the non-magical effects remain enforced.

Personal spells

Many spells are unique in the sense that they are known only by a single order or by the individual caster. The order or the individual caster is expected to jealously guard their personal spells.

There might be some trading off of spells between casters but these are subject of long negotiations and treaty ceremonies. With regards to spells that are unique to the order, sharing is not easily condoned.

Sharing is totally forbidden on penalty of death, or worse, depending on the importance of the spell. Moreover, these orders or guilds will still consider their member’s private spells not yet shared with the order to be under their rules on sharing or trading spells.

Personal spells known only to the caster might be given to the order that the caster belongs to. It might also be kept private until the caster’s death when the order takes hold of the caster’s spell books.

Those spell casters who die without any guild or order they belong to might have their original spells lost for years until somebody recovers their spell books.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Spells

When talking about witchcraft, we usually think about black magick and how it has put humankind into danger, whether it is scenes from the books or from movies. Magick and spell-casting are surrounded by myths and misconceptions which eventually buried its true essence and principles. For the followers of magick, they would refer it to magick to differentiate from the illusion created by magicians.

What are these myths and how come they are not real?

Myth 1: Those who practice spell-casting and magick worship the Devil or Satan.

For those who practice and follow witchcraft, good and evil is relevant. What is important is that every magick or spell are carefully though over and it would not harm anyone. In addition to that, Devil or Satan is a Christian construct. It is not included in the witch’s pantheon.

Hell is another Christian construct and Wiccans and pagan believers do not believe it. It does not mean that because they are not concerned with hell they would commit evil acts. Wiccans and pagans commit good acts because they know that this would reflect later on in their lives and even in their next life.

Myth 2: Spells have that visual and sound effects just like in Harry Potter films.

Spells, for Wicca followers and pagan believers, are like prayers for Christians. They can be a way of communicating with the universe your intent or desire. Spells could also be a way of communicating with the gods and goddesses.

Spells do not have the sound and video effects like in movies. In fact, spells do not have or manifest within the next few hours. Usually, it would take weeks or sometimes months before the spells would take effect. Spells could be about wealth, health, energy, peace and even love.

Myth 3. Casting spells would require very rare materials.

Casting spells do not require you to use rare and weird materials, just like in movies. Spell-caters would usually use natural materials like herbs, incense, candles, oils, flowers and other essences. In spell-casting, what is important is the emotion and the intent. Focusing your energy and using materials to contain and direct your energy towards your intent are the things that would make your spell a success.

Myth 4. Spells backfire.

For Wiccans, every spell or action must be carried out as long as it does not cause any harm. They would call this rule, “The Wiccan Rede.” Aside from that, Wiccans and pagan followers strongly believe in the Law of Threefold. Whatever is done would return back in threefold. In this sense, it does not mean that spells backfire, it would just show that whatever is done will come back. Good intentions and positive wishes would not create negative effects.

Myth 5. Spells can make things possible out of thin air.

Spells turn possibilities into reality. They cannot make things happen out of nowhere. A love spell cannot make a superstar singer fall in love with you and croon you love songs if you have not even met him once. A love spell could not turn a beast into a prince charming.

History of Voodoos spells and rituals

Contradictory to popular notion that Voodoo is associated with magical spells, Voodoo is a type of religion practiced by millions of people mainly from southeastern Ghana, southern and central Togo, southern and central Benin, and southwestern Nigeria.

Voodoo is a traditional Polytheistic religion in West Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. The word came from “vodun,” which means spirit in African language. When it is capitalized, it refers to the religion. Vodun is distinct from other animistic religions. In Vodun, the temple of gods and goddesses is complex. They believe the entire creation is divine. Therefore, everything is divine. Such belief explains the varied objects used in religious rituals.

Vodun is known as Voodoo in non-African countries, mainly referring to Voodoo practices. Today, it has become a mixture of Catholicism and African religions. Hence, varying groups of voodoo practitioners were formed, each using different traditions. However diverse their traditions are, there is only one basis for their religion.

Because Voodoo is polytheistic, Voodoo practitioners believe in several gods and goddesses. The practitioners believe that there are two spirits in one soul. One spirit stays in the body while the other wanders. This led to the belief that the soul can be trapped into another being or object. Several rituals are done to keep this wandering soul from remaining earthbound. During this ritual, gifts are sacrificed to the spirits.

The curses and spells usually associated with voodoo beliefs are part of the rituals. It is important to note that in performing rituals, Voodoo focuses on health, happiness, and good fortune. They rarely believe in spirits promising a better afterlife. That is why, voodoo practices are used in health and success spells.

Nevertheless, voodoo spells are not bound only to these positive energies. The rituals can also be used against enemies. These spells are only effective if the wisher believes in the power of the religion.

In performing a spell, either bad or good, voodoo practitioners traditionally use voodoo dolls. However, these dolls are usually utilized when one wishes harm toward the person the doll represents.

There is a process considered in making a voodoo dolls. The first step is to make a body for the voodoo doll by placing two twigs in a cross shape. In wrapping the moss around the body of the voodoo doll, start in the middle and work your way up, around the head and arms then back down the other side. Use one piece if possible and stuff it tightly. Create eyes, nose, and mouth using buttons, beads, sees, or peas. Thread these materials onto the voodoo doll.

During ritual, voodoo believers chant and dance to connect with the spiritual forces. They would know spirits are called when one of the dancers is being possessed. Because the spirits choose whom to possess, voodoo followers believe it is a gift from god. Thus, the possessed believer is treated with reverence during the course of the ritual. In fact, several believers say that simply touching the possessed person during possession can lead to death.

Hoodoo and its spell rituals and practices

Hoodoo is similar to Voodoo in several aspects. First, both terms are coined in the West. Second, both concepts originated from Africa. Third, both systems are folkloric practices associated with magical spells and rituals.

Nevertheless, one should never interchange Hoodoo from Voodoo or vice versa. They are different because Voodoo (originally, Vodun) is a religion in West Africa, whereas, Hoodoo is a system of magical beliefs and practices from Central Africa. Indeed, Hoodoo is neither a religion nor a denomination of religion.

Hoodoo is common to black community particularly the African Americans, who, they say, started the system of Hoodoo. White Americans practice Hoodoo system too. The African Americans call such system in many terms such as conjuration, conjure, witchcraft, rootwork, and tricking. Worth noting is that conjuration, conjure, tricking, and witchcraft are colloquial words in classifying Hoodoo Rootwork, on one hand, signifies a different meaning. Rootwork is used to recognize the significance of dried roots in making charms and casting spells.

Hoodoo is used in referring to both the system of magical beliefs and the practitioner. However, a practitioner who practices on behalf of clients is called a Hoodoo doctor. Not only there are African-American Hoodoo doctors, there are Latinos and Americans too.

The African American communities refer to Hoodoo differently from African in Europe. Since witchcraft is usually synonymous to Hoodoo, the former refers to Hoodoo as both alternative healing remedy and a harmful activity, whereas, the Europeans refer to it mainly as harmful activity.

Hoodoo allows its believers to access supernatural forces to improve their living by gaining luck, money, love, health, as well as employing revenge and bad luck onto other people. Fundamental to a Hoodoo tradition is communication with the spirits of the dead and the focus on magical powers on individuals. Such belief actually made non-believers think Hoodoo practices are done mainly because of human desires and inclinations.

Some areas consider Hoodoo as harmful magic or spiritual work and things that include spells and protection spells. Hoodoo spells may increase luck in love, money, good health, and happiness.

Its practices and traditions involve magical components of herbs, roots, minerals, animal parts, personal possessions, and bodily fluids such as menstrual blood, semen, and urine. A ritual also involves the use of ritual candles, conjure oils, incense, and sachet powders. The latter was an addition because of the African emphasis on footprint magic and spiritual cleansing, floor washing and bathing.

Notable aspects of African Hoodoo are foot track magic, crossroads magic, laying down tricks, ritual sweeping and floor washing, and ritual bathing.

A Hoodoo spell called foot track magic puts magical essence to footprints. A practitioner may bury the footprint dirt of his enemy in a bottle spell with other magical items. When the enemy walks over the buried bottle spell, the result will be poisoning, unnatural illness, or bad luck. The acquisition of power at two intersecting roads is called the crossroad magic. This belief evolved in both African-American Hoodoo system and European folk magic.

Different Types Of Love Spells

There is a wide range of reasons why a person cast spell on a fellow human being. Reasons may include love, money, success, or revenge to name a few. One reason branches out to varying methods depending on the nature of what the wisher wants to happen.

Take for example love reasons. A method done in love spells varies according to what the wisher wants. Retrieve a love spell, gay love spell, unconditional love spell, and break-up or breaking spell are just a few examples of spells on love.

For people who lost their loved ones, retrieve love spells help them get back their lovers. Unconditional love spells are used especially when one is doubtful of his lover’s loyalty and wants to secure the presence of love in their relationship. Meanwhile, gay love spells are effective in attracting someone of the same sex and break-up love spells for reviving your lover’s interest in you.

Let us give you an example of a simple love spell. This is best done on Friday and when the moon is in its fullest.

The things you will need are sheet of lined paper, red pen or marker, letter envelope, your favorite perfume, your favorite shade of lipstick or a red one, and few pink or red flower petals.

The first step is to write the good qualities you want your lover to have. Write these things on the sheet of paper using the red pen or marker. The next step is to spray the paper with your favorite perfume. This is followed by imagining a good scenario. Envision yourself happy and in-love while holding the flower petals in your right hand; keep thinking about this scene. The fourth step is to drop the petals into the envelope. Lastly, seal the envelope with paste and kiss it. Before kissing the envelope, make sure you have applied the red lipstick first. With this spell, it is important to remember that this envelope should never be opened nor read by anyone else. Otherwise, the spell will be broken.

A spell to retrieve a lost love can be done through love bath. This is more complicated because you will need a potion such as patchouli, lemon verbena, cinnamon, vetiver, or rose. Once the potion has been added to the bath water, add three drops of Musk oil, three drops of Frangipani oil, and drops of vanilla. Put together your lover’s and your hairs, nail clippings, menstrual fluid and some of your semen in one container. Then, wrap the container in bright red paper. Using a gold-inked pain, write the Chinese characters for love, good fortune, and happiness on one side while your full real names on the other side. This ritual is done at sunrise after the Chinese New Year. Do these things while facing the northern direction.

While many love spells require several stuffs accompanied with ritual, the simple love spell is done simply by walking to a spot beneath your lover’s bedroom window and then whispering his or her name three times to the night wind. Simple love spell helps gain the love of someone; it is most effective during the night when its full moon.

It is important to note that the will of the wisher defines the power of the spell.

Spells & Potions Explained

In a word, spells mean prayers. For some, it would look like “magic prayers”. Prayers, as everyone knows, affect the very fabric of reality itself when uttered and requested.

When there is a tear in this reality, a prayer repairs and restructures that part of the fabric once again, restoring it to its pristine, original self. This is one of the ways how the universe renews itself.

With each spell performed, every prayer, each word within every prayer (and even the very letters of the words of every prayer) has a precise meaning aimed for a precise effect. And, thus producing the final result of a successful spell casting.

Divine intervention

When a spell is asked to be performed on your behalf, you are actually asking for a Divine intervention to take place in your situation. It is extremely important for you to understand that spells are not playthings to toy around.

The main point is that you have what the person is doing for you. In requesting a spell on your behalf, you must take the time to understand the type of spells the spell caster will perform.

Through the ages, there are many types of practices that can issue spells. Some of them would include Alchemy, Animism, Bonpo, Druidry, Egyptian Enochian, Hermeticism, Mantrik Hinduism, Hoodoo, Huna, Jewish Withcraft, Hermetic Qabalah, Nagualism, Quimbanda, Reiki, Santeria, Shamanism, Voodoo, Wicca, and many more listed around the world.


In all of these styles, you have to understand that each requires a particular set of protocols and things you have to give up. The most important would be the rules that you will have to follow.

In some, the spells are accompanied by talismans and charms or amulets in order for these spells to work. This is not actually true for all of them, only on some intense, lower spells.

If these spells (or prayers, if you like) are performed correctly and all the protocols are in place, the request is granted and can have a dramatic impact on the intended person or situation. This happens even if the person is on the other side of the world.

Angels and entities

During the performance of spells, angels and other spirit entities are invoked to help make a success of these spells or prayers. Since these entities are pure energies themselves, spells are more in directing and guiding them to do things in aid of the spells.

There are other aids in casting spells. Witches use stones, herbs, candles, bones and others in order to attract the kind of energies needed for the present spell. These requests from free-floating entities and natural spirits have a price that witches must pay.

The payments are as varied as the spirits themselves. Some witches pay in actual blood drained from their bodies. Some require offerings. The spirits and entities feed off on these and become stronger. Consequently, your spell will then work.

Over time, the spell caster builds up rapport with certain entities and angels. Hence, their spells become more effective. When you ask for a spell from a witch, know that every effort is exerted for its success.

Wicca, Spells, Magic, and Whatnot

Wicca is widespread in the Internet. As you browse for Wicca, you will always tumble upon spells and magic.

This is because part of Wiccans’ ritual practices is casting spells in an attempt to change the present system of the physical world. You might have heard Wiccan spells for healing, love, fertility, or success. These examples are often called the white magic. Distinct from these kinds of spells is the black magic. The latter one is popular since the ancient times because it is associated with evil and Satanism. There are many who argue that black should be eliminated in describing the negative magic because the color has nothing to do with Satan.

It is important therefore to know the roots of Wicca to be able to delineate the good and bad in its practices.

Wicca is a pagan religion that believes in both the gods and goddesses—a belief that is comparable to the Taoist belief in yin yang. The god is associated with nature, wilderness, hunting, and sexuality. The goddess is pre-eminent.

Magic is part of Wiccan practices. This is often called the witchcraft or sorcery. This magic is defined as a science and art to effect change according to will. For them, magic is a law of nature. Others even say magic exists because it works for them.

There is no set of ethical codes followed by Wiccans in all kinds of traditions; however, several Wiccan practitioners follow the Wiccan Rede, a statement that guides them to a certain moral system.

Wiccan Rede states that “an it harm none, do what ye will.” The word “rede” came from the Middle English. It means advice or counsel. The first word “an” used to be a conjunction that means “if” in an old Middle English language. Further, the word “ye” means you.

The Wiccan Rede tells about the liberty to act while taking accountability to every consequence of such action.

Wiccans follow the Law of Threefold Return too. This is similar to karma of Hindus. It tells about the consequences and rewards of every action. Every good or bad deed a person does to another, it will return to that person with triple force.

Gerald Gardner introduced both the Wiccan Rede and the threefold return.

Several Wiccan traditions believe in five elements especially in consecrating a magic circle. This circle is usually used in casting spells. The five elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aether or spirit. Five different points of the pentagram represent each sign. The pentagram is a fundamental shape in every Wiccan tradition. Other symbols include the triquetra and the tirple moon symbol. This belief is similar to Christianity’s crucifix.

Moreover, Wicca does not follow any particular book. The Book of Shadows is just a collection of spells, which has been continually updated and added. It contained the procedures of religious poetry and chants too. An example of a ritual written in the book is the ritualized sex magic. It is performed in Grand Rite.

Spells and Hexes

Attested to by even the most primitive of tribes since ancient times, the power of the spoken word was never questioned ever. These powerful spoken words are now called spells, hexes, or curses.

The power of the word is further amplified if the spell-giver is known to be well-versed in his conjuring craft. Adding terror to the spell is the use of alien words from an unheard-of language known only to the magic man.

Making a spell or a curse with dramatic displays of strange words and smoke and potions or even by a simple use of the hand was prevalent ever since the medieval times. The intended person under a curse was believed to be totally powerless over his fate.

The ultimate curse is, of course, death.


Developed over the centuries by ancient priests and shamans, the spells created became established formulas. Because they were proven to be effective, they were written down for future use.

In Egypt, the prescriptions in using these spells became more detailed. Aside from having them written down, there were specific directions on how to use voice and all other exacting accoutrements related to spell-giving.

Those in the know in the occult arts readily concede that the power of a spell stays enforced until such time when that spell’s energy is neutralized. Also contributing to the spell’s effectiveness is in the maker’s strong belief.

The famous voodoo in the Caribbean involves hexing, cursing and projecting spells. The spells are phrased from an established format, including the rituals, and delivered with strong emotions and body movements by the witch doctor.


Just like spells, hexes are powerful negative thoughts expressed in strong emotional outbursts from the hex-giver. It is said that the more energy expended in the hexing ritual, the more effective it will be.

From the receiver, it is the fearful emotions in the subconscious mind that helps convince the victim of the effectiveness of the hex.

A curse or a hex could not affect anybody unless there were still people who are using an energetic band that influence other people. If a spell given out 100 years or more ago, and there was nobody to fuel it with energy, that hex would have been dissolved and would no longer exist in our present energy fields.


If a spell or a curse is discovered today, then there is a group that actively uses that kind of energy. Whatever negative energies these are – hate, pain, hurt, or suffering – the group is using the vibrations to create a vortex to attract that kind of energy into their circle.

These groups commonly use a circle to amplify their desired energy. In the circle would be objects (pentagrams, triangles, snakes, bones, etc.) to attract and hold the desired vibrations. They perform ceremonies using this energy for whatever purpose they have in mind.

The circles are set up on the earth’s natural grid, amplifying their energies. These groups have knowledge on the power of these grids, and they know how to run them and project energy.

So far, these kinds of spells have not been detected of late. Either the groups responsible for them are inactive or that they might have disbanded for the time being.

All About Spells, Witches And Wicca

Since time immemorial, the idea of a magic-holder who influences another person’s body or mind or possessions had always been present in all cultures, civilized or not. They are called by many names. They cast spells, incantations, prayers, etc. and most of these exploits are recorded in ancient texts.

These are the exemplars which are found in ancient, sacred texts all the way from Egypt to Babylonia and spread throughout the world. Since then, people are exchanging stories of love spells, resolved lost loves, returning lovers, and some other incidents.

These people were pulled into the roots of their bond to spells. Later, through the ages, they created their own spells, and developed other more powerful spells to solve all kinds of problems.


People were drawn to witchcraft and love spells by their own inner desires. They were unaware that they held a past.

In the olden days, there were those who believed that magic was a gift from the Gods, especially in Egypt. They believed they could ask guidance from those with bonds of these precocious gifts.

There were also those who believed that magic was evil and a curse.

But in all these, the powers were passed down to descendants of those who had them, fully informed that their offspring will have the same gifts. Some did not know they have the power, compelled as they were to conjure love spells and other powerful magic without knowing the reasons why.

Witchcraft developed because of these people’s need to express their inner powers. As a religion, witchcraft respects Mother Nature, and she is neither completely positive nor completely negative, as all witches. Witchcraft is neither black nor white.


Wicca is the old English term for witchcraft that is practiced as a religion. The term was used in order to counteract all the negative stereotypes that society had given to witchcraft and its practitioners.

It was founded on the research of witchcraft while witchcraft adhered to the actual practices done by ancient witches. The rituals are usually very different from their Wiccan counterpart but people use the words interchangeably because they are so similar.

Wicca is primarily a religion that worships nature. Wicca practitioners see all of creation as sacred. As a matter of fact, all Wiccan holy days follow the cycles of nature and the changes in seasons.

Wicca also worships both a male and female deity, God and Goddess, who had created the world and everything in it.

Wicca is founded on the research of witchcraft. However, witchcraft usually adheres to a specific pantheon from their region, and the rituals are usually very different from their Wiccan counterparts. Many people use the words interchangeably, mostly because they are very similar.


The series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in certain aspects of life is generally termed spells. These spells adhere to the witchcraft code of conduct.

This code of conduct is specific in explicitly forbidding any spells used to harm another person. However, these spells can be changed or adapted to suit a Wiccan’s personality or specific wishes in casting their spell.