Spells and Hexes

Attested to by even the most primitive of tribes since ancient times, the power of the spoken word was never questioned ever. These powerful spoken words are now called spells, hexes, or curses.

The power of the word is further amplified if the spell-giver is known to be well-versed in his conjuring craft. Adding terror to the spell is the use of alien words from an unheard-of language known only to the magic man.

Making a spell or a curse with dramatic displays of strange words and smoke and potions or even by a simple use of the hand was prevalent ever since the medieval times. The intended person under a curse was believed to be totally powerless over his fate.

The ultimate curse is, of course, death.


Developed over the centuries by ancient priests and shamans, the spells created became established formulas. Because they were proven to be effective, they were written down for future use.

In Egypt, the prescriptions in using these spells became more detailed. Aside from having them written down, there were specific directions on how to use voice and all other exacting accoutrements related to spell-giving.

Those in the know in the occult arts readily concede that the power of a spell stays enforced until such time when that spell’s energy is neutralized. Also contributing to the spell’s effectiveness is in the maker’s strong belief.

The famous voodoo in the Caribbean involves hexing, cursing and projecting spells. The spells are phrased from an established format, including the rituals, and delivered with strong emotions and body movements by the witch doctor.


Just like spells, hexes are powerful negative thoughts expressed in strong emotional outbursts from the hex-giver. It is said that the more energy expended in the hexing ritual, the more effective it will be.

From the receiver, it is the fearful emotions in the subconscious mind that helps convince the victim of the effectiveness of the hex.

A curse or a hex could not affect anybody unless there were still people who are using an energetic band that influence other people. If a spell given out 100 years or more ago, and there was nobody to fuel it with energy, that hex would have been dissolved and would no longer exist in our present energy fields.


If a spell or a curse is discovered today, then there is a group that actively uses that kind of energy. Whatever negative energies these are – hate, pain, hurt, or suffering – the group is using the vibrations to create a vortex to attract that kind of energy into their circle.

These groups commonly use a circle to amplify their desired energy. In the circle would be objects (pentagrams, triangles, snakes, bones, etc.) to attract and hold the desired vibrations. They perform ceremonies using this energy for whatever purpose they have in mind.

The circles are set up on the earth’s natural grid, amplifying their energies. These groups have knowledge on the power of these grids, and they know how to run them and project energy.

So far, these kinds of spells have not been detected of late. Either the groups responsible for them are inactive or that they might have disbanded for the time being.

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