How To Properly Prepare For A Spell

Casting spells is not just about reading incantations and using candles and incense. There are more to it that reading lines and waiting for the outcome. For some, especially Wiccans, using or casting spells is a part of their religious belief. This could be an equivalent of a prayer. Casting spells is considered to be an intentional use of the universe’s power that already exists around us.

Casting or using spells would require meditation and directing the spell-caster’s spiritual energy into the desired outcome. Directing your personal energy means that a person should have an understanding of the power “within” the person. For example, casting a spell may require some items like candles, etc. The spell-caster should evoke imagery and visualize the goal while holding the items. This practice would direct the energy towards the items which would help in achieving the goals.

There are strict guidelines that should be followed when casting or using spells. Wiccans would follow the “The Wiccan Rede” which states that “do what ye will, harm ye none.” This clearly states that Wiccans could perform rituals and spells but its effect or consequences should be recognized first. For harm done to others and nature, “will return three-fold.” Spell-casting cannot be used for anger, revenge, and jealousy.

Aside from being clear with your intensions, you should also be clear in what situation you will be using the spell. There are different kinds of spells, all depending on the situation. There are healing, love, energy, wealth, peace and other kinds of spells.

There are spells which can be modified to suit the needs and situation of the spell-caster. There are some spells which would require the spell-caster to use the exact words, while some would say that those spells which are spoken by the spell-caster’s own words are more pure and powerful.

Spell-casting would also use different tools or methods. These tools would contain the energy which can be used to represent your desires and goals. There are different kinds of tools like oils, candles, cards, stones, runes, etc. Most of the times, the object used is something associated with the objective or intent. For example, if it is a money spell, loose change can be used as a tool.

The location where to cast the spell is also important. Wiccans believe that we are in one with nature. They may have some rituals and practices which would require them to be with nature, however, spell-casting can also be done privately. Some Wicca followers would often conduct their practices secretly, not only to avoid public persecution but to contain their energies and direct them towards their goal.

When casting a spell, it is important to keep it mind that we are using our energy and directing it to achieve a desired outcome. The universe is full of energy. Therefore, there could be negative energy which could interfere with how we use ours. Performing privately would ensure that our energy and our spell are not disturbed.

Another common problem among spell-casters is the timing. Some spells would require specific time to perform them. Adapting to time phase could be hard. There are some expert spell-catchers who would say that performing spells under a full moon, for instance, is not that important. It can increase the potency of the spell, but it is the intention which is more important. Directing our mind and spiritual energy towards our objective would be the determining factor on how effective our spells would be.

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