White Magic Love Spells

Of all the spells there are, white magic love spells top the list as the most popular. In an informal survey among magicians, over ninety percent says they perform only white magic.

However, some skeptics declare that many magic practitioners are not telling the truth about white magic. They claim that there are many categories of forbidden spells used by magicians that do not comply with the rules of white magic.

These critics continue and categorically state that there are no white magic love spells or money spells that draw their energy from white magic. While this is based on a misunderstanding, some people are already scared from asking magical assistance.

White magic

The first point would be that white magic is not of any particular tradition. White magic is more of a general philosophy of magic than anything else. The philosophy of white magic is simply this: magic is to heal and to help, not to harm and to create hardships.

Irregardless of how the ritual looks like and what it can do, every spell is part of white magic if it does no harm to anyone or anything. A love spell therefore falls under white magic because of the simple reason that it helps two people fall happily in love.

Love spells

White magic love spells work differently for different spell casters. The rituals may be performed according to old traditions, ancestry or personal preferences or style.

It is hard to categorize these spells. They may include chants and prayers, talismans and maybe dances under the moonlight – all kinds of rites. All these can be part of a white magic love spell.

These white magic love spells may be different at the moment of casting, but they are all similar in the way they strive to produce the effect they intend. They all want to bring a happy and fulfilling love to those involved in the spell – the spell subject and his loved one.


However, not all the intended effects can be called a success. Sometimes, the effects are totally in contrast to what was intended.

The reasons are as varied as the persons involved and their particular situations. A boyfriend you thought you loved may not be your true love after all. The girl you are attracted to may already have her own partner.

The girl you thought was perfect might be the quarrelsome type. The boy you could die for is simply not compatible with your personality. The list is long.

Because these white magic love spells are powered by far wiser spirits than we can ever fathom, they look for ways to turn around the effects of these spells, rendering them null.

These spiritual guides would find ways to circumvent our follies. In time, they will bring us our true love, those that we have always deserved and needed at the right moment of their own choosing.

In the end, the final effects are truly surprising in the use of these white magic love spells. They can give you what you really need to have, and not just the things you merely ask for in those spells.

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